Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

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About Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

● Convenient aluminum foil food wrap sheets are great for restaurants, catering operations, school cafeterias or at-home use

● It's easy to mold around your food to get a tight seal - perfect for wrapping sandwiches and on the go foods

● Aluminum foil wrap provides the perfect amount of foil to cover sandwiches, wraps, burgers and more

● Aluminum foil can effectively block the amount of heat, moisture, air and light.


Application of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll

● Lining Baking Pans-For easy clean-up

● Freezing Meats-Prevents frost and freezer burn better than freezer bags.

● Lining Charcoal Grill-Keep grill clean. Line grill; puncture vent openings.

● Catching Oven Spills-Small sheet of foil on rack below baking pan catches spills.

● Lining Cookie Sheets-Keeps cookie sheet clean between batches.

● Roasting Turkey-For juicy, tender turkey without splatters.


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