Aluminum Foil Roll 300mm width (25 SQ) Ft Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Wrap for Food Service Industry

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Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is widely used in foods, beverages, cigarettes, medicines, etc., and is usually used as a packaging material. Our company is mainly used for food packaging.

Aluminum foil can effectively block the amount of heat, moisture, air and light.

Aluminum Foil Roll 300mm width

Application of aluminum foil:

● Lining Baking Pans-For easy clean-up.

● Freezing Meats-Prevents frost and freezer burn better than freezer bags.

● Lining Charcoal Grill-Keep grill clean. Line grill; puncture vent openings.

● Catching Oven Spills-Small sheet of foil on rack below baking pan catches spills.

● Lining Cookie Sheets-Keeps cookie sheet clean between batches.

● Roasting Turkey-For juicy, tender turkey without splatters.

Aluminum Foil Roll 300mm width

Products Size: 

Width: 300mm

Length: 7460mm

Square: 25 SQ FT

Foil Thickness: you can choose it as your requirement.

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