Round Aluminum Foil Container - 9"Dia x 1 3/4"D

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Are you looking for carryout bowls for your meals-to-go packaging? If so, this Round Aluminum Foil Container - 9"Dia x 1 3/4"D will be able to serve your needs. This round aluminum foil container is 9" in diameter to accommodate many quantities. It also comes with a crease seal for spill protection.

Round Aluminum Foil Container

These food containers are made with aluminum foil for increased durability. Since this aluminum container is oven-ready, you'll also be able to reheat food easily, allowing for greater efficiency and convenience. In addition, these carryout bowls are stackable to save space, allowing easier storage.

Aluminum Foil Container - 9"Dia x 1 3/4"D

Lids are sold separately. You can purchase the Clear Dome Lid for Foil Containers 9"Dia x 3/4"D to pair together with the Round Aluminum Foil Container - 9"Dia x 1 3/4"D for better packaging. With the clear lid, customers will be able to view the contents of the container easily. The lid will help to prevent spills and protect the food from air exposure and contamination. It will also help to keep food insulated.

Round Aluminum Foil Container

If you require other types of packaging for your commercial kitchen or foodservice establishment, we will be able to meet all of your needs.

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